ADDER - 18 Gauge Shelving 88-14 High 7-Shelves 6-Openings

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4Post™ 88-1/4" High, 7-Shelves, 6-Openings, 18 Gauge All Purpose Storage Shelving 4-Post Shelving 7-Shelves, 6-Openings unit is ready to assemble with no special tools required. Available depths make it an ideal choice bulk storage application. Unslotted industrial shelving perfect for storage facility and warehouse. Combine 4Post™ shelving with a TrakSlider™ or MobileTrak5® System to make the most of your available space.
88-1/4" High, 7-Shelves, 6-Openings, 18 Gauge, 4-Post All-Purpose Storage Shelving. All shelves 12-1/4" clear height per opening. Shelving also available in the numerous standard sizes (letter, legal, x-ray & library). L&T 4 Post shelving units can range from 12, 15", 18", 24", 30", & 36" in depth. Available shelf sizes include 24", 30", 36", 42" & 48" wide options. ALL PRECONFIGURED UNITS BELOW HAVE UNSLOTTED SHELVING, 12-1/4" CLEAR HEIGHT PER OPENING. Specify Paint Options (pdf). For Mobile Ready Shelving, see noted below. NOTE: Freight and inside delivery required additional quotation, please fill out Shipping Quote Form (pdf). Contact us at 1-888-891-1970 or email at for more information. * Includes two shelf reinforcements per shelf. • ALL UNITS SHIP KNOCKED DOWN AND BULK PACKED. • Shelf reinforcements are not included for top shelf. • All starter units include 2 closed "L" uprights and all adder units include 1 closed "T" upright. • All units include 88-1/4" high uprights. • Shelves are 18 gauge (heavy-duty). • Top shelves are unslotted and include prepunched knockout holes for TrakSlider hardware attachment. FOR MOBILE READY SHELVING Add "M" to the end of the model number when ordering mobile ready shelving. For example: 881224-A6HM. Please contact us at 1-888-891-1970 or email at for more information. Single rivet shelf supports replace standard supports on bottom shelf allowing for easy attachment to mobile carriages. Holes are prepunched into single rivet support to match up with corresponding holes on our TrakSlider carriages. When ordering mobile ready shelving to be used in conjunction with our TrakSlider Systems please contact us for additional hardware needs. 4-Post™ 18 Gauge Shelving General Information & Specifications PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: 18 Gauge Heavy Duty 4-Post Shelving offers exceptionalstrength and durability for a variety of storage applications. 4-Post shelving incorporatesboth "L" &"T" shaped uprights allowing for a variety of shelving configurations.Interlocking keyhole uprights combined with double rivet shelf supports are designed to offer maximum strength and durability with exceptional versatility. All shelf units are assembled without the use of nuts, bolts, or clips and are available for both single entry (wall unit) and double entry (back to back storage) allowing for maximum filing/storagecapacity with minimal floor intrusion. All shelf units are designed for expansion and are available as mobile ready for easy conversion to TrakSlider™ Systems. 4-Post Shelving is ready to assemble with no special tools required. Available depths make it an ideal choice bulk storage application. OPEN UPRIGHTS: Are 18 gauge cold rolled steel, roll formed into a 2" wide "T" upright with keyhole slot holes punched on 1-1/2" centers on inner wall of upright only. There are no holes on the exterior portion of the upright. Front and rear posts are joined together with a minimum of three 3" high 18 gauge spacers maintaining proper upright spacing along the entire length of the upright and adds rigidity and strength. The open "L" upright is typically used for row ends with Open "T" uprights used as a common upright between shelf units. All uprights include an identifiable pair of punched holes every 6" on center allowing a visual confirmation for proper shelf spacing. CLOSED UPRIGHTS: Includes same specifications as the Open Uprights except welded spacers are replaced with a welded 24 gauge full height closure sheet incorporating a 5/8' wide stiffener flange at the bottom of the closure sheet. Heavy Duty Shelves: Shelves are formed of 18 gauge cold rolled steel with a 1-1/8" flange on all sides. Front and Back shelf sides to include a 9/32" stiffener flange for added strength. Shelves are available plain or with slots punched on 2" centers to accept adjustable file dividers. TRAKSLIDER STANDARD DUTY TOPS: Tops are formed of 18 gauge cold rolled steel with a 1-1/8" flange on all sides. Front and Back top sides to include a 9/32" stiffener flange for added strength. All tops are prepunched with knock-outs to accept TrakSlider overhead anti-tip mounting hardware. HEAVY DUTY SHELF SUPPORT: Shelf supports are formed of 11 or 14 gauge (11 gauge on 42" & 48" widths only) hot rolled pickled steel 1-1/8" high. Each "support end is formed flat and includes two shoulder rivets with 7/16" diameter heads for attachment to corresponding keyholes in upright. Shelf supports are available with single or double rivets. All single rivet shelf supports are designed to sit flush with bottom of shelf upright and are prepunched to align with holes on our TrakSlider carriages for easy attachment. HEAVY DUTY SHELF REINFORCEMENT: Shelf reinforcements are formed of 13 gauge hot rolled, pickled steel and formed into a channel shape. Shelf reinforcements are notched on each end and align with respective shelf support. UNSLOTTED CENTER DIVIDER: Unslotted center dividers are formed of 18 gauge cold rolled steel with a 9/16" formed channel on the top and a 9/16" return bend on the bottom. The overall height of center stop is 4" and includes mounting holes on bottom flange for easy assembly using 7/32" nuts and bolts. Center stops are used for unslotted double entry shelving only. KICK PLATE: Kick Plates are formed of 14 or 16 gauge cold rolled steel formed with a stiffener flange on top and bottom edge. Kick Plates are available in 2" and 4" heights. SECTIONAL BACKS: Sectional backs are formed of 20 gauge cold rolled steel, positioned on the inner rear post, and are securely held in place by a formed retainer flange positioned between the shelf support and post. Each back section will include a formed channel on the top and bottom and include punched holes for joining sections together. Backs of 40" high are one-piece, 64" high are two-piece, and up to 97" are of three-piece construction. Sectional back panels will add 3/8" to overall depth of shelving. FINISH: All steel parts are thoroughly cleaned using a three-stage iron phosphate washer and then coated with an Epoxy-Hybrid powder coat finish using a state-of-the-art electrostatic paint system. Powder coating provides a superior, attractive, uniform finish that is more durable, scratch and corrosion resistant, and environmentally friendly than liquid paint.