Document Imaging Services

Scanning & Archive Writing Services

Our services complement the work of:
Printers, Artists, Restorers, Framers, Interior Designers, Photographers, Scanning Bureaus & Resellers.
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  • Art Scanning Services Our flatbed art scanners can create beautiful and detailed images of small & oversized (up to 48” x 70”) Fine Art, canvas art, maps, posters and original paintings. For archiving, canvas art printing, digital fine art & photographic printing or printing on multiple premium archival papers & mediums. With bright colors & true dimensions, all up to 28800 by 42000 pixels & superior quality than photography.
  • Large Format Scanning Our flatbed large format scanner can digitize materials up to 48” x 78” in size. Great for those extra wide items that are difficult to scan, or are oddly shaped, fragile, folded and rolled. We can provide great quality images by capturing fine details at high DPI for items such as engineering, and architectural drawings, oversized rolls of paper, records and documents, photographs, ordnance survey maps, manuscripts, local area maps, and fine art among others. We offer many scanning solutions to fit your needs.
  • Virtual 3D Scanning Textured surfaces like wood, canvas art and fabrics can now be scanned using overlapping images captured at varying light angles to produce one virtual 3D image that reproduces texture, details and depth.
  • Special Handling Fragile artwork, Canvas Art and other items are digitized using overhead cameras that make no contact with the materials. Soft even lighting allows for image capture with no damage to delicate medium.
  • Archiving to Microfilm We write from color, B&W and grayscale to archival 35mm and 16mm microfilm with duplication.
  • Fiche Scanning Digitization of jackets, COM fiche and duplicates in positive or negative.
  • Microfilm Scanning High quality conversions of various types of 16mm & 35mm microfilm formats.
  • Aperture Card Scanning Capture of images as well as indexed Hollerith data.
  • Book Scanning Scan oversized or standard size delicate items, lab books, historical records and other bound media in color, grayscale or B&W.
  • Indexing, Image Processing & PDF/OCR Verified indexing, database matching and conversion to various formats as well as multi-paging and OCR.
  • Paper Scanning We run projects requiring special handling such as the scanning standard size and oversized format documents needing sorting, indexing and custom services.
  • Photos & Reflective Media From X-rays to photos, slides and other film or media.

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