Mobile Filing Systems Installation and Relocation Services

White Glove Delivery

We offer professional White Glove Delivery Service on all Office Furniture Installations and Relocations. Our White Glove Delivery technicians will insure your Cabinets or Filing Systems are installed correctly, clean up the installation area, and haul away all the trash such as the pallet, box, or any other debris.

With our White Glove Service all you have to do is place the order with any of our representatives and leave the rest up to our certified and insured technicians.

Our Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Before our installers leave, we will make sure you are completely satisfied with the installation and quality and the white glove service. Our installers are skilled technicians, always happy to answer any questions or assist with any system operations.

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White Glove Delivery Guidelines and Procedures

We will schedule your White Glove Delivery appointment ASAP, please let us know beforehand about the Commercial Location.

Other issues to consider when requesting White Glove Delivery are:

  • Restricted delivery times
  • Limitations to access with truck ability to maneuver and unload
  • Approximate distance to get System from driveway to final location.
  • If stairs are present, number of stairs and heights and widths of stairs and stairway up or down: number of landings dimensions and turns. I.e. landing 8’ x 9’ with 90 degree or 180 degree turn.
  • Elevators: Maximum weight, opening width and height dimensions, Interior dimensions
  • Obstacles: will the path be cleared prior to delivery.
  • Type of Floor Material: Marble tile, carpet, wood, or concrete need to be protected? Safe to be placed on floor, pedestal, stairs?

Also take into consideration that our Installer can only make reasonable efforts to help with furniture relocation for installing the system. The relocation of existing furniture or major appliances will need to be addressed prior to delivery. Even unintentional exclusion of items can create delays and additional fees. In somecases due to the size, weight, and dimensions of the filing systems, as well as the entrances and path ways to the designed location, our technicians will require the customer to sign a waiver to start the installation process. We send all White Glove Deliveries based upon information provided by the customer and we will not be responsible if the White Glove Delivery cannot be performed due to missing or incorrect information provided by the customer.

Your complete satisfaction is our main goal! Please make sure to fully inspect your System and installation before our technicians leave your property. If your System is damaged, let the technician know or call us immediately. You have the option to refuse the System and set another appointment for a new delivery. If a customer accepts a damaged System and fails to report any damages to the System within 7 Business days on Installation completion, American Filing Solutions may not be able to exchange the System.

Call us regarding any questions about your order and shipping options.

Relocation services: We provide services on moving filing and storage systems and file folders from offices and facilities and reinstalling those systems to your desired locations. Our Services include off-loading the file folders from a High Density Mobile Storage Shelving system into a secure container, uninstalling the high density system and moving it to the desired location. The next step would be to re-install the high density system followed by pulling the file folders out of storage and loading them back onto their proper shelves.

Installation Services: We provide high density filing systems installation and assembly services for office panel systems, desks, cubicles, chairs, file cabinets, and other modular office furniture.

Our teams of office relocation and furniture installers are led by experienced project managers in the field and are well-trained and equipped to handle every aspect of your office relocation, reconfiguration or new furniture installation. Our pricing is done on a per job basis, so please contact us for a free price quote, to set up an on-site consultation or to speak with one of our project managers about an upcoming installation project.

Here are just some of the types of storage systems our members can relocate:

  • High Density Mobile Storage Shelving
  • Rotary File Cabinets
  • Mailroom Furniture
  • Stationary Open Shelving
  • Vertical Carouse

Please call us at 630-748-8099 or send us an email at for more information