Letter Files Depth Mobile Lite Shelving Systems

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Height: 80-1/4
LFI: 1958
Depth: 11/64
System Width: 118
Aisle: 36

Please contact us at 888-891-1970 to order or send an email to sales@filingtoday.com

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Letter Files Depth Mobile Lite Compact High-Density Filing Systems Affordable letter files depth mobile storage systems that won’t break the budget. Mobile Lite not only costs less, it installs in half the time compared to larger, heavy-duty systems. The easy-to-order Mobile Lite typical model numbers include the following: one single faced fixed unit, one single faced movable unit, and a range of 2 to 4 double faced movable units. Model numbers also include 7-tier 4-post shelving, back panels for single faced units, dividers, half high end panel assembly, key lock included with single faced movable unit, plunger lock included with all double faced movable units, mobile bases, track and additional track for typical aisle walkway. No decking or ramping required. Mobile Lite Systems also available in Legal Files and Heavy-duty Media X-Ray Files Depth. For special customer requirements, please contact us at 1-888-891-1970 or e-mail at sales@filingtoday.com. Mobile Lite systems feature a waist-high handle with range safety lock that fixes each carriage in place while users retrieve information. A continuous drive shaft ensures smooth carriage movement regardless of system length. View Mobile Lite Filing Systems Brochure (pdf).
Letter Files Depth Mobile Lite Shelving Systems Overall Height: 80-1/4" Range Length: 44", 56", 80" and 104" System Width: 118" to 170" Affordable filing or storage system for such items as boxes and supplies Increases storage capacity by eliminating fixed aisles Costs less per filing inch than most alternative solutions In-track anti-tip safety mechanism Optional reference shelf and security handle with key lock Lockable security shades available View Legal Files Depth Mobile Lite Pricing View Heavy-duty Media (X-Ray Files Depth) Mobile Lite Pricing ALUMINUM CARRIAGES SUPPORT UP TO 1,000 LBS. PER LINEAR FOOT. MECHANICAL END PANEL UTILIZES A FULL-LENGTH DRIVESHAFT TO ENSURE SIMULTANEOUS MOVEMENT. ADA COMPLIANT, HEAVY-DUTY ALUMINUM TRACK WITH ANTI-TIP FEATURE FOR SAFETY. NO GROUTING REQUIRED. System Width: Total length from left to right of system. Range Length: From wall to the tip of the handle (dimension includes 1-1/2" clearance from wall). Overall Height: Distance from the floor to the top of shelving. Aisle: Walkway between ranges. LFI: The amount of Linear Filing Inches offered in each typical. System Size: Footprint of the system. Letter EML3672L 36 = Overall shelving length in inches. 7 = Number of shelves per unit. 2 = Number of double face movable units. L = Letter media. Letter EML4874L 48 = Overall shelving length in inches. 7 = Number of shelves per unit. 4 = Number of double face movable units. L = Letter media.