Standard WallWrite Non-Locking with Self Closing Door

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Width: 20
Height: 16-3/8
Est. Lbs: 15
Depth: 3-3/8

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WallWrite® Standard Fold-up or Pull-down Portable Wall Desks for healthcare, industrial and warehouse use. WallWrite is engineered to maximize accessibility, increase productivity and conserve space in high-traffic areas. Store charts, file folders, pens, instruments, small tools and other supplies. WallWrite’s unique design protects documents and an optional locking door provides HIPAA-compliant security. The flip-down door serves as a writing surface to conserve space and a magnetic closure ensures the door remains closed and is rated to withstand 50 pounds of evenly distributed weight load. All models of WallWrite meet ADA standards, creating a workspace for all individuals.

WallWrite® desks offer convenient storage of reference materials, patient charts, small supplies and more. The unit is perfect in doctor's offices, exam rooms, nursing stations, clinics, etc. All WallWrite fold-up desks come fully assembled, and are packed one per box. All mounting hardware is included.

WallWrite® is a convenient wall mounted workstation which can be used virtually anywhere floor space is at a premium or wherever the need of a writing surface is required. WallWrite® offers a large 19" by 13" deep work surface, Standard WallWrite®, (X-Ray WallWrite® desktop measures 19" x 16") which folds up to conserve space when not in use. Standard features include heavy-duty steel construction, durable long lasting powder coat finish, magnetic door closures, handy pen holder (WallWrite® DropBox models and X-Ray WallWrite® does not include pen holder), an oversized compartment for document storage, and meets ADA compliance (less than 4" in depth when closed).

Optional features include: locking doors, chart holder, erasable white board door, laminated front, self-closing door, and custom colors and sizes. Applications and Uses: Unlimited applications. Ideal for health care facilities, pharmacy and storage room, nursing stations, and patient and examining room. Other uses include industrial, warehousing, inventory control, and shipping and receiving. Material and Workmanship: All WallWrite® fold-up desks are manufactured of high quality, cold rolled steel, free of scale orrust, powder coated to ensure a long lasting and durable finish. All fold-up desks are constructed of a 20 gauge steel shell and an18 gauge steel door connected together with two heavy-duty stainless steel connectors.

All come standard with a minimum of two recessed magnetic door closures, ensuring a positive door closure when not in use. Doors are rated for a maximum of 50 pounds of evenly distributed weight load. DropBox slots for the X-Ray and Standard model are 3/4"D x 18-3/4"W. Packaging & Assembly: All WallWrite fold-up desks come fully assembled, and are packed one per box. All mounting hardware is included. Finishes: All steel parts are thoroughly cleaned using a three-stage iron phosphate washer and then coated with an Epoxy-Hybrid powder coat finish using a state-of-the-art electrostatic paint system. Powder coating provides a superior, attractive, uniform finish that is more durable, scratch and corrosion resistant, and environmentally friendly than liquid paint. Standard Paint Finishes Note: Samples shown may differ slightly from actual colors. Please contact us for actual color samples if required.

The WallWrite® fold up desk is great for any file room, maintenance rooms, computer network room or any other area in the office. WallWrite is not designed for storage of laptop computers. The WallWrite® fold up desk wall mounted workstation is ideal for loading docks, warehouses, factory floors, supply rooms, inventory control, public planning areas, shipping and receiving areas or any other high traffic area. Mounted at either stand-up or sit-down height on any wall, column or shelving rack, the WallWrite® can install virtually anywhere, making it easy to find a useful application. Standard WallWrite Fold-UP Desk Work Area Dimensions: 19"W x 13"D. Lead Times:

WallWrite® Fold-Up Desks General Information and Specifications The WallWrite® fold-up desk offers a convenient work surface and provides secure temporary storage for sensitive patient medical records. The introduction of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates patient privacy and the WallWrite® is an affordable solution.

1) Optional lock.

2) Magnetic closures keep door in place.

3) Easy mounting hardware included.

4) Heavy duty steel construction.

5) Handy holder for pens, instruments, small tools and other supplies.

6) Bin perfect for charts, folders or other printed material.

7) Durable, washable powder coat finish.

8) Self-Closing Option, a pneumatic cylinder closes the door automatically.